About us

About us

Total supplier capability for two- and four-wheel on- and off-track motorsport vehicles

Our mission of delivering excellence through innovation and technology has always been borne out across our extensive motorsport portfolio. We strive to give our clients a winning, competitive edge through outstanding product and engineering solutions.

Not content with the multiple land-speed records under our belt, or the contributions made to some of the world’s great racing moments, our people are driven by helping clients to reach the greatest heights within their field.

Our expertise and legacy are extensive, resulting in a tried-and-tested offering that includes:

  • Component, system and powertrain design, from feasibility analysis and conceptualization to sign-off
  • Research, simulation and analysis
  • Strategic and technical consulting
  • Component, system and powertrain engineering and testing
  • Niche-to-volume manufacture

In addition, we believe that truly collaborative partnership, communication and project management are as key to the success of a project as the engineering, technical and production expertise that goes into it.

Our client teams can draw on the experience and input of a diverse range of over 2,700 experts across the business, giving us valuable insight, new ideas and the perfect sounding board.

We put Ricardo's expertise inside, and our full weight behind, every vehicle we work on.