Hybrid systems

Hybrid systems

Maximising the power of hybrid technology for a greener future

Electrification of powertrains is increasingly common in motorsport and is now utilized across Formula 1, FIA World Endurance and Formula E.

Developing and integrating these complex systems into a powertrain requires specialized support, as well as expertise to address challenges such as how to recover and deploy energy or which energy storage system to use.

Ricardo can help you from the outset, assisting firstly with the architecture selection through sophisticated and integrated system simulation. This helps you to understand both the technologies that are appropriate for the application, and how the technologies should be used together in order to maximize overall energy efficiency.

Ricardo can then help you select the best components from an existing supply chain, or design and develop bespoke units, with the appropriate functional safety requirements, such as:

  • Electric machines
  • Battery packs
  • Battery management systems
  • Power electronics

Ricardo has also developed an overall Vehicle Supervisory Controller, which combines the advantages and flexibility of a rapid-prototyping controller with a design intended for low-volume production. Based on the Ricardo generic rapid-prototyping controller, rCube2, we are able to provide the base software and all the necessary device drivers and configuration utilities to develop a high-level controller for the complete integrated system.

In addition to electrically based hybrids, Ricardo has developed expertise in mechanical hybrid systems to eliminate the need for vacuum seals, using non-penetrative magnetic coupling systems to transfer kinetic energy through the housing, and a variety of CVT/drive solutions can be used to connect the flywheel to the driveline.

So whether your application needs an electrical or a mechanical hybrid system, Ricardo is ideally placed to help you design, develop and integrate it into your vehicle powertrain.