Li-Ion battery application in Formula 1

Li-Ion battery application in Formula 1
25 May 2016

The introduction of KERS to Formula 1 presented the challenge of assessing, developing and deploying completely new, race-ready technologies in a very short space of time.

Ricardo researched and assessed multiple potential technologies (including hydraulics, pneumatics and flywheel systems) before concluding that Li-Ion battery electrification was the most promising means to meet the KERS targets.

The team applied its in-depth knowledge of battery chemistry and management, power electronics and electric machine design to develop systems and deliver race-winning solutions to the track.

Our clients’ programmes were accelerated because of our ability to draw on cross-sector and cross-service expertise, engaging as many of the engineering brains at our disposal as we needed to. Ricardo pushed the boundaries of performance beyond even the expectations of the component suppliers, and the fundamentals of the systems we developed continue to be employed by many race teams.