Advanced technologies

Advanced technologies

Partnering our clients to interrogate and apply new technologies

We provide advanced engineering services to many sectors within motorsport. Whether developed through our own research investments or from external sources, our clients require an accelerated route to understanding and applying emerging technologies, whilst in-house capability is established. Ricardo offers services in research and advanced engineering to assess new technologies and processes:

  • Research in DI fuel systems at high engine speeds
  • Application of advanced boosting systems
  • KERS technology selection
  • Cylinder-to-cylinder air/fuel ratio distribution measurement
  • Waste-heat recovery systems

Our approach is to leverage our established processes, tools and techniques to understand, develop and apply new technologies through:

  • System simulation of available technologies and architectures
  • Development of advanced instrumentation and test rigs/methods
  • Use of high-speed single-cylinder engines for combustion system development
  • Application of specialist simulation techniques to gain understanding and provide development direction
  • Provision of specialist skilled resource on an as-needed basis

This can offer benefits in terms of timescale, primarily driven by our activities being carried out in parallel with ongoing product development, thus avoiding the distraction of more immediate issue resolution.