Testing and validation

Testing and validation

Ricardo’s in-house testing facilities are extensive and are frequently called upon by clients to supplement aggressive and expensive test programmes

Able to achieve maximum speeds in excess of 8,000 rpm and torque of 1000Nm, means that many of today's motorsport transmissions can be tested to and beyond their design capabilities in the safety of a controlled environment.

The ability to characterise and benchmark transmission efficiency is vital to ensure the feedback loop from end user experience to Ricardo’s design team is as active as possible, guaranteeing that each new design is maximally effective.

In-house facilities

  • 2WD rig (3E & 2E) & 4WD rig (5E)
    • Powerful rig control system (communication with TCU via fast CAN, data simulation)
    • Option for additional dynomometer (power take-off test)
  • Gearshift durability test rig
  • Functionality test rig
  • Lubrication, deflection and tilting rigs
  • Hydraulic system development laboratory
  • Electric drives testing facility
  • Battery testing and simulation
  • Hot and cold environment test capability